Straight thermostatically controlled valve kit with PRE ADJUSTMENT and right holder 3/8 for iron pipe EXCEL thermostatic valves

Straight thermostatically controlled valve kit with PRE ADJUSTMENT and right holder 3/8 for iron pipe EXCEL thermostatic valves






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Straight thermostatically controlled valve kit with PRE ADJUSTMENT right holder and 3/8 for iron pipe EXCEL thermostatic valves THERMOSTATIC VALVE WITH PRE-ADJUSTING VALVE WITH THERMOSTATIC OPTION AND PRE-SETTING TECHNICAL / FEATURES TECHNICAL FEATURES max Operating temperature: Max. working temperature: 110 ° C max operating pressure: max. working pressure: 10 bar differential pressure: differential pressure: 1 max bars, 0.25 bar Recommended / Recommended thermostatic control thread: thermostatic head thread: M30 x 1,5 TABLE Kv / Kv TABLE Position: Position: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Kv value: Kv value: 0.09 0.14 0.55 0.2 0.3 0.8 flow control the thermostatic valves series 331 and 332, are equipped with adjusting element of water flow rate at fixed orifices that allows, by means of a selector 6 positions, to choose the correct flow rate so as to work correctly all the elements of the system. Flow rate setting The thermostatic valves series 331 and 332 are supplied complete with fixed orifice flow regulators to control and select, by means of a 6 position selector, the most suitable water flow rate for correct operation. Simplified installation The Spindle adjustment mode is designed to make the installer's job easier. Acting, without the aid of tools, the adjuster ring it is possible to vary the flow rate of the valve with assistance by the indicator easily readable place in the upper part of the valve. Simplified installation The headwork setting mode is designed to facilitate the installer's job. The valve's flow rate can be easily modified without the use of tools by operating on the setting ring nut and using the easy-to-read indicator. Guaranteed savings The ability to fine-tune each user and be able to fit a thermostatic control has as its end result, not only have the right comfort of the rooms, but also consume the right energy to circulate the fluid, with the result to reduce energy consumption and thermal installation. Guaranteed savings The Possibility of precisely adjusting the needs of each single user and installing a thermostatic head and achieving results in optimum comfort in the rooms and using the correct amount of energy required for fluid circulation while reducing energy consumption. Full range Tiemme presents itself with a new series of thermostatic valves with full presetting in the models and measures. In fact, the range includes straight valves and team with iron pipe connection male thread for adapters for copper pipe / pe-x / multilayer. Complete range Tiemme offers a whole new range of models and sizes of valves with thermostatic option and complete pre-setting. The range includes straight and angled valves with iron pipe fitting and male connection for adapters. CONTROL VALVES THERMOSTATIC CONTROLS TECHNICAL / TECHNICAL FEATURES FEATURES Sensing element: Sensing element: expansion sensor liquid Built-in sensor with liquid-filled element Adjustment range: Calibration range: 6-28 ° C Frost Intervention: Anti-freeze level: 6 ° C Max working environment temperature: Max working room temperatures: 50 ° C valve connection: valve connection: M30 x 1.5 Max fluid temperature: Max fluid temperature: 100 ° C Max pressure system: Max circuit pression: 10 bar Max pressure differential: Maximum differential pressure: 1 bar quality materials Tiemme The thermostatic control is manufactured with quality materials and by the technical and mechanical characteristics of superior quality. The pleasant feel and durability are just some of the aspects that distinguish the product. Top quality materials Tiemme's thermostatic control head is produced with top quality materials having high technical and mechanical characteristics. The pleasant feeling to the touch and long life are only a few of the features Which distinguish this product. Ergonomic and functional design Whether it is public or private spaces, the clean design ensures perfect compatibility between the product and the different situations. The minimalist design has been optimized to give the best in terms of speed of installation and ease of use. The customization and an indication of the usage values ??are minimal and designed in such a way as to help and not confuse. Ergonomic and user-friendly design Whether used in public or private areas, the simple line Allows the product to perfectly fit in with any situation. The minimal design Has Been Optimized to offer rapid installation times and ease of use. Customization and indication of operating and minimum values ??are conceived to avoid errors or mistakes. Italian product with a German heart The production process takes place entirely in the Italian plants Tiemme where you control and guarantee the perfect functioning of each product before it is delivered. Only with regard to the sensitive element choice we watched the German technology, always at the forefront for this type of component. 9553 The command is an Italian product with a German heart. An Italian product with a German heart The production process takes place entirely in the Italian premises of Tiemme where the perfect functioning of each product is checked and guaranteed delivery before. When choosing the sensing element the choice fell on German technology Which has Always Been up-to-date for this type of component. The 9553 control head is an Italian product with a German heart. ACCOUNTING SYSTEM INDIRECT HEAT COST allocators SYSTEMS WHAT'S NEW? Indirect accounting is typical of columns to existing installations in buildings (especially those built before the eighties) that are, for the most part equipped with centralized heating systems in risers. In these plants the direct accounting would in fact impossible, for the inability to identify a hydraulic circuit related to the single housing unit. Therefore, we resort to indirect accounting with which, by means of said splitter devices, is measured INDIRECTLY the energy emitted by the heating elements, noting their characteristic operating parameters. Indirect accounting consists, in practice, in determining the voluntary consumption of thermal energy of individual users, based on the use of dividers (according to UNI EN 834) or other similar devices, installed, together with a thermostatic valve fitted with appropriate thermostatic control, on each heating element Indirect metering is typical of riser Already existing systems in buildings (in Particular Those built before the eighties) That are mostly provided with central heating systems Consisting of risers. In fact, direct metering would be unconceivable In These systems as it would not allow the identification of a circuit pertaining to a specific housing unit. For this reason, indirect metering is ADOPTED, an, by using devices known as heat cost allocators, it is possible to Indirectly measure the energy output of the heating elements, thus detecting Their typical operating parameters. Indirect metering basically Consists in determining the voluntary consumptions of heating energy of the individual units with the use of cost allocators (compliant with the UNI EN 834 standard), or other similar devices, installed on each heating element together with a valve with thermostatic option provided with a suitable thermostatic control.

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