CHIMNEY SINGLE WALL flue ducting hose smooth inner wall DN 150



Product code SPFL95150
EAN 8028653203755
Brand MBM

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ONLY ON ORDER ASK PREVENTIVOPREZZO METER Availability: bars of 3-5 meters. , Rolls 10-20-30 mt. It is used as a chimney for ducting of existing pipes (cement, bricks, etc.), Not suitable when used as a smoke channel (horizontal). flue element made of AISI 316 stainless steel 0.11 mm thickness. CE certified system in accordance with standard EN1856-2: 2009, resists at operating temperatures reaching 450° in negative pressure (N1) without gasket, and 200° in a positive pressure (P1) using a sealant for high temperatures, which at the junctions it ensures a perfect seal for gas and condensa.E 'also complies with the standard installation UNI / TS 11278: 2008. DESIGNATION WITH SEAL: EN 1856-2 - T200 - P1 - W - V2 - L50011 - O30DESIGNAZIONE WITHOUT SEAL: EN 1856-2 - T450 - N1 - D - V2 - L50011 - G

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