PALE ALE Malt Prepared coopers craft beer home-made beer 1.7 kg.

PALE ALE Malt Prepared coopers craft beer home-made beer 1.7 kg.

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Prepared coopers pale ale malt beer homemade 1,7 kg 45140 birra.articolo the first occupation by thomas cooper in australia was a shoemaker, in the small village of Kensington, three miles from the city. He plied his trade a few steps from the rising sun inn, where, in later years, would launch his personal ales. after quitting the cobbler's boots, tomas cooper turned his energy and his attention to the world of brewing, creating products like this American-style pale ale. deep amber color, flavor and caramel malt, hops and citrus scent and a final marked by a refreshing bitterness with thick and creamy foam. thomas coopers approve? you can bet your boots! thomas cooper ' s first occupation was in adelaide as a bootmaker in the small village of Kensington, three miles east of the city. His original trade he plied a few doors down from the rising sun inn where, in later years, hed get His foot in the door with His very own ales. Thomas hung up after His cobbler's boots, he turned his hand to brewing beers like this American-style pale ale. it has a rich amber color, toffee malt flavors, citrus and pine hop aromas, a refreshing bitter finish and thick creamy head. Thomas would approve? you can bet your boots. color: 130 ebc bitterness: 560 ibu instruction manual brewing black rock http: //www.edi-shop. com / errors / blackrockistruzioni.pdf instruction manual brewing coopers and recipes paginehttp 36: //www.edi-shop. com / errors / cooperslibrobirra.pdf kit catalog and malts 1) sterilize all components with the sterilizing solution and allowed to drain well sciarle for 10 minutes no alme- . 2) Heat the jar in a bain marie in warm water. 3) empty the contents of the jar fermentor containing 3-4 liters of boiling water and 1kg of liquid black rock sugar (or sugar in common alternative) and stir until the malt will not be well blended. add cold water up to the liter needing, stir and bring to a temperature of 24 ° c mostoa. add yeast and stir vigorously 4) minifermentatore put on the lid and fill it halfway with the sterilizing solution (water and metabisulfite). 5) close the fermentation container in a hermetically sealed manner. keep the whole at a temperature not lower than 20 ° C and not exceeding 28 ° C until reaching the right specific weight (step 6). 6) check the specific gravity with the hydrometer appropriate. the value must reaches 1005 og. this requires 5-7 days 7) sterilize the bottles with the sterilizing solution and leave to drain for at least 10 minutes. very useful to use dell'avvinatore / Sterilizer ferrari "spin". (Art. 41180) 8) fill the bottles with the system is most preferred (or through the extension of transfer, or directly from the tap). add sugar in each bottle with the dosing device. 9) corking bottles with the ap- posita capper ferrari "glo- ria" (art.17480). shake them well to dissolve the sugar and to then store them for 5 days at a temperature higher than 20 ° c for the second fermentation. 10) the drink will be ready in 2/3 weeks. to further improve taste and body just wait two months. health!!!!!!

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