CLEARANCE Isitrap 4700 catch small flies trap, WITHOUT ENVELOPE

CLEARANCE Isitrap 4700 catch small flies trap, WITHOUT ENVELOPE

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End isitrap 4700 series catches small flies trap without bustala package contains the trap + 1 What is isitrap attractant for flies? this modern and ecological trap for flies, thanks to the combination of a trap designed with special cones to ensure optimal aeration, combined with eco-friendly and non-toxic preparations, represents the solution of the future to win the fight against the flies. the combination of quality, efficiency, aesthetic appeal and eco-compatibility, allows you to optimize the placement of the trap, ensuring optimal environmental safety and efficient capture of flies. aesthetic research makes very pleasant trap from view, enabling use in any location, from the outdoor bar, terrace at home, at a dinner in the garden, until ' targeted use in animal farms. the use of a natural solution within isitrap for flies guarantees the eco-compatibility with the environment in which it is used, and allows to comply with the health balance (essential for the herds of animals). why use isitrap for flies? .. because it is effective reduction of higher flies to 80% because it is environmentally friendly ... no environmental impact, has no disposal problems because it is safe ... it contains no chemical poison but only ecological and natural substances, and does not create the phenomenon of "resistance" typical of chemical insecticides because it is innovative ... it is the only proven trap flies that does not involve the use of chemicals or discharge into the environment of antagonistic insects, combined with pleasing aesthetic equipment, optimally positioned in any desired zone. because it is easy to use ... the powder product simply dissolves in water, and is active 24 hours on 24, 7 days out of 7, as long as bait (replaceable) how isitrap for flies? what is needed? the water trap flies the bag of prepared natural anti-dust flies what to do? simply pouring an envelope in 3/4 liters of water, and closing the transparent cap (which allows you to monitor the situation inside), the natural solution inside emits an odor perceived by flies, which are attracted within the fly trap through the appropriate cones. place in areas with light, possibly where it can be exposed to sunlight for 34 hours per day, placing it at a height of about one meter from the ground. the end result will be ... in the heat of the summer months the water level recommended for proper operation isitrap may decrease, we would recommend the water refilling evaporated to maintain unchanged its effectiveness. this simple practice engages only a few minutes, thanks to the practicality of the lateral holes of the fly trap can maintain a constant level of water, without having to open the lid and therefore without interfering with the proper functioning of the trap. where to use isitrap for flies? isitrap is a trap to naturally fight the flies, used for both private and commercial use of the possibilities for use in helping to capture and eliminate the flies, we can find:

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