extensible flexible gas pipe INOX 1/2 "M 3 / 4''F 260/520 mm yellow stainless UNI 11353

extensible flexible gas pipe INOX 1/2 "M 3 / 4''F 260/520 mm yellow stainless UNI 11353

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Product code 70207
EAN 8028653702074
Category GAS HOSES
Brand MBM

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made of stainless steel AISI 303, with a torsion milled flat sealing seat. External protection: sheath made of fireproof composite material (only for yellow gas pipe and tube white water). Seals: rubber according to UNI EN 549 swivel nut: made of stainless steel according to the UNI EN 10088/2 or brass according to UNI EN 12164, UNI second thread 228/1 not sealed on the thread. Warnings All appliances must operate grounded (46/90). Avoid installation in an environment with atmosphere of chlorinated substances. Avoid twisting and impact during transportation and installation. Extend the hose by pulling it from both the end fittings. Do not extend beyond the measure indicated on the fittings. Carefully follow the instructions for installation retroindicate. For the cleaning of the pipe, use exclusively by rinsing soapy water then with tap water. Changing the seals whenever the tube were to be remounted. Always Make use of authorized installers. It is prohibited to the connection of several pipes between them. Forfeiture of the guarantee if they are not complied with the above instructions, the guarantee will fall automatically. Instructions for mounting the gas pipe (the same applies to water): 1) Start the work by closing the main valve of the gas shut-off (or water). 2) Extend the hose up to the extent necessary, limiting the maximum length engraved on the fittings. 3) To female / female type (fg.fg) first connect the hose to the air, by inserting the seal in ' special seat and manually tighten in a clockwise direction one of the dice without tightening. Then connect the other end of the tube to the shut-off valve using the same procedure. For male / female type (mf.fg.) first connect the male connector to the faucet, by applying previously on the thread a few turns of teflon and manually screwing in the nut clockwise without tightening. 4) Place the appliance definitively, so that there are kinks or twists on the tube with a radius less than 60 mm. 5) Tighten definitively both end fittings using wrench 22 mm for the male fitting and fixing key. 6) Open the valve of the gas shut-off (or water) and check the tightness of connections by means of l ' Use soapy water to be applied on the unions themselves. The possible formation of bubbles shows the gas leak. In this case, check the tightening of the fittings and subsequently proceed to a further control. Disassembly: 1) Proceed in the reverse direction by closing first the stopcock. 2) Unscrew the swivel nut first and then the male fitting. Technical Notes: the flexible gas pipe, in accordance with UNI 11353 (or water in accordance with DM 174), continuous wall in stainless steel AISI 316L thickness of not less than mm. 0.21 is suitable for domestic use of gas distribution (or water), in accordance with standards UNI EN 437, besides the applicable legal requirements in this field. No maintenance required. In conditions of use, pay attention to the minimum radius of curvature,

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