Hose Gas / Water stainless Uniroll from 30 mt. 1 "covered with yellow

Hose Gas / Water stainless Uniroll from 30 mt. 1 "covered with yellow

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Product code 10130
EAN 8028653101303
Category GAS HOSES
Brand MBM

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flexible pipe for gas or water stainless Uniroll from 30 mt. 1. "Yellow coated pipe for gas CSST UNI EN 15266 max 0.5bar or bare pipe for water in accordance with DM 174 max 10bar. Mounting kit Uniroll 4 fittings 1" female. Mounting kit Uniroll 3/4 "consisting of: 4 nuts 4 rings 4 grips. hose system PLT-corrugated formable CSST in AISI 316L stainless steel coated with yellow protective coating for the transport of gas according to UNI EN 15266: 2007 - UNI / TS 11340. the "pipe system (kit)" PLT-CSST (corrugated stainless steel tubing STL) covered Uniroll of mbm is certified and conforms to European standard EN 15266: 2007 in all its components, it does not require any intervention on the part of 'installer for the formation of the sealing bodies (flaring), as required by point 3. 2 of the reference standards. It also complies with the technical specification UNI / TS 11340 relating to the installation of the CSST tube where the point 4.3.4 it is required that the seal must be guaranteed metal on metal. The CSST tubes coated are suitable for the realization of installations for domestic and similar use, for users with single nominal thermal capacity not greater than 35kw that use gas of the first family (city gas), the second family (natural gas: methane) and third family (lPG). In the "naked" version, the tubes are suitable for the transport of drinking water, in accordance 'with the decree n ° 174 dated 06/04/2004. Assembly instructions valid for both coated tube that naked: Cut to the desired length and remove from both sides about 2.5 cm. the protective sheath when present. Insert ' suitable nut and place the grip preformed on the second wave of the corrugated tube. Bring the nut in contact with the grip preformed, insert the appropriate metal gasket. Connect to the plant or to a nipple with a flat abutment and tighten so that the deformation of the corrugated pipe folder face seal between the two rings. Use the supplied special adhesive tape resistant up to 105 ° c to seal the metal parts. To avoid corrosion and damage to form a double layer of the same. Certifications: The pipe system covered Uniroll of mbm is certified and complies with the UNI EN 15266: 2007 it establishes that all requirements for certification: design, materials, testing, manufacturing, marking. It is important to note that "the whole" system conforms to the aforementioned reference standards, particularly in point 3.2 where it is expressly specified: "collapsible tubes with their related components obtained or specified from a manufacturing source that has the responsibility of design and performance for the "performance kit that must therefore be ensured without the operator manually intervenes in the formation of the sealing members, for this reason Uniroll is" autocartellante ". The UNI EN 15266 also requires the manufacturer with a continuous control over entire production process, act to ensure the consistent quality of the product, mbm is also certified with the quality system iso: 9001. In the "naked" version, the tubes are suitable for the transport of drinking water, in accordance ' Decree No. 174 of 06/04/2004. Statement and mode 'installation there are various rules that govern the design, installation, testing and maintenance of gas equipment for domestic and similar use, which must be made or modified in all the various stages in a safe and reliable , with primary emphasis on the safety of people, animals and property, not to mention the protection of their environment, by qualified personnel with appropriate knowledge and experience. in the specific case of systems made with the system of pipes CSST Uniroll of mbm the main reference standards are the following: UNI EN 15266: 2007 and 'the product standard, which defines the parameters for designing the production, and the certification of 'entire CSST tube system. UNI / TS 11340. 2009 and 'the norm of installation, which, when applied in accordance with UNI 7129 and UNI 7131 establishes the mode of installation and use of the CSST tube systems. We would like to point out that the CSST tubes, being by definition "formable tubes", are not subject to the regulation UNI EN 14800, and can therefore have a length greater than 2 m. On completion of work, the installation company, after all the checks provided by law, must issue to the purchaser a declaration of conformity of the plant, citing the two previously named regulations. The CSST tubes covered for mbm Uniroll of the gas system can be installed with different modalities' of pose: a view, underground, concealed, in a raceway or niche, both inside and outside of buildings uni or pluri familiar,

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