Coaxial horizontal terminal D 80/130 flue pipe pellet stove, fume exhaust and air intake made in Italy



Product code PCTS07080
EAN 8028653016577
Brand MBM

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Horizontal terminal, air intake / flue gas exhaust, coaxial 80/130 flue pipe pellet stove flue gas exhaust
air intake made in Italy

MBM 80/130 façade kit for concentric coaxial horizontal configuration for watertight stoves with façade discharge (where allowed).

This type of installation with front exit is very simple to make, because it does not require lifting through the roof and therefore does not require any technical or expensive work.

This allows the stove to work watertight, taking the air outside the house thanks to the coaxial pipe. This is mandatory in France for BBC or RT2012 homes.

The principle is very simple: the pipes have 2 separate pipes. On the outside the tube has a diameter of 130mm, and it is the part inside which the air will pass, inside there is a second duct of 80mm diameter used for the evacuation of the fumes. This allows to pre-heat the incoming air improving the efficiency of the heat generator.

Once the hole is made, assembly of all the elements will take a few minutes. These tubes fit together into one another with a male / female connection.

Installation of the wall crossing terminal. The maximum wall crossing thickness is about 0.5 mt. It is necessary that this terminal is about 30 cm outside. The wall collar is used to fix the barrel to the wall (NB: it cannot stand vertical loads). It is also important that the façade on which this exit is made is free from any obstacle that could disturb the exhaust of the combustion gases and / or the air supply (eg Return wall angle).

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