Mulching in black non-woven 50gr h 1.00 x 5.00 m in bag.

Mulching in black non-woven 50gr h 1.00 x 5.00 m in bag.

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Mulching in black non-woven 50gr h 1.00 x 5.00 m in sacchetto.tessuto-not-black fabric mulch. ideal to protect the vegetables from weeds. the non-woven fabric allows a good transpiration of the soil with positive effects on crops. black non-woven mulching fabric. ideal for protecting your garden vegetables from weeds. the non-woven fabric Allows a good transpiration of the soil with positive effects on the crops. tissu not tissé noir pour paillage. protéger idéal pour les légumes de votre mauvaises potager des herbes. the tissu not tissé permet une bonne transpiration du terrain avec des effets sur les positifs cultures. mulching is a ' operation widely practiced in agriculture and gardening, which consists in covering the soil with a layer of material to prevent the growth of weeds, to keep the moisture of the soil and to raise the temperature. exist today mulching sheets that mimic what happens in nature, and that in addition to the main function of mulch, or reduce the growth of weeds, present other positive aspects, such as: the mulching function herbicide actually drastically reduce the presence of weeds thanks to the ability stuffy, preventing the infiltration of sunlight. so you can avoid the massive use of chemical herbicides that would only affect the quality of the product and increase soil pollution. conservation of ' humidity using this product can obtain most satisfactory results from the product point of view by employing minor amounts of extremely precious water especially during the summer periods. preserving in fact for most time moisture, you will not need frequent and unnecessary irrigations maldistribuite. heating of the soil some towels, as the non-woven fabric, heat up during the day that the soil releases the heat in the colder hours, avoiding freezing of plant roots. The mulching sheets must be laid on your crops at the right time, especially in late spring / early summer, when crops are already a bit 'grown up, to prevent around them also grow weeds. in our sales program, you will find the following mulching sheets: Traditional and special polyethylene film grade particularly recommended for vegetable and fruit crops and vegetables. nonwoven fabric in its colored variant recommended for gardens, potted plants and flower beds.

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