Curve 30 ° cane isolated copper flue DN 300/350

Curve 30 ° cane isolated copper flue DN 300/350

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Product code DRCQ30300
EAN 8028653212108
Brand MBM

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Curve 30 ° chimney double-walled copper DN 300/350. The curves at 30 ° C are used to perform deviations or misalignments. They can be used in the exhaust channels it in the chimney. Element chimney inner wall made of stainless steel AISI 316 0.4 mm thick, outer copper wall thickness 0.5 mm. The tig welding without filler material ensures a 'high corrosion resistance produced by acidic condensation and maintenance simplicity. The coupling between the elements is achieved by means of a spigot joint male / female CE certified system in accordance with standard EN1856-2: 2009. Resists at operating temperatures reaching 600 ° in negative pressure (n1) without gasket, and 200 ° in a positive pressure (p1) using l ' special silicone gasket sold separately, which ensures at the junctions a perfect seal for gas and condensation. It also complies with the standard installation UNI / TS 11278: 2008. Designation with gasket: EN 1856-2 - T200 - P1 - W - V2 - L50040 - 0 Designation without seal: EN 1856-2 - T600 - N1 - D- V2 - L50040 - G600

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